GRP Cylindrical Tank

We, UFI design, supply and install to international standards and have extensive experience in manufacturing the GRP cylindrical water tank meeting most demanding conditions.  Our GRP Water Tank gives clients the best satisfaction from world-class quality level certifications. Unlike other companies that focus on one or two types of products, UFI specializes in all kind of GRP products, always selecting the optimal and most economic solution for your specific application.



Gel-coat of 0.5MM thickness to provides chemical resistance. Resin content 60-70% by weight to assist reinforcement for chopped strand mat. Resin content 45-55% provides strength and rigidity for woven roving. E-glass surface mat (450gm/m²) or synthetic layers are used consisting of approximately 90% resin by weight. Thickness of the reinforced layers is generally 0.5mm. This provides a protective barrier against corrosion. An Isophthalic type resin complying with BS 3532:1962 class B standard or equal quality resin. Gel-coat finishing on outside the tank. For joints provide GRP putty and chopped strand mat covered with gel-coat. Structure of the tank includes 1mm thick gel-coat interior finishing, a surface mat is provided to protect inner coating. Adequate layers of fiber-mat and woven roving layers will be applied according to the thickness using required resin and chemicals to suit the usage of tanks. The cover coat will be given with waxed coating to get clear look. The external surface of the tank is top coated with wax added topcoat polyester resin, Tanks body (laminate) thickness is manufactured by using UV resistance polyester laminating resin. These provide UV resistance to the tanks. Tanks have special layer inside the tank wall, which provides protection against algae. Its specification are as follows: After building up the tank wall with layers of fiber glass chopped strand mat impregnated with polyester resin, a special layer of mat saturated with black pigmented polyester resin is applied. Further laminations are build up on this special layer to complete the tank wall thickness. Tanks include inlet, outlet, drains, over flow, vent and manholes. Tanks are manufactured conforming to BS 4994.