GRP Lining (Waterproofing)

GRP Lining for Underground Concrete water tanks / Chemical Storage Tanks & Steel Tanks prevents leakage and absorption of water and protects water from algae and fungal growth. GRP Lining is permanent layer coating process, and will last for a lifetime. GRP lined tanks are suitable for storage of potable water as we are using the same water Tank manufacturing materials for Lining.

Base Material
General Purpose Resin / ISO Resin
Chopped Standard Mat – 450 GSM Et 300 GSM.
Catalyst / MEMP.
Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial Gelcoat and Top Coat.
Materials – High Quality Materials (No, 1 Standard Materials).
Thickness – 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm (or as per the client request).
Strength – Additional GRP strips in all corners Et joints.
Finishing – Gel coat finishing, Top Coat.