GRP Septic Tank

We, UFI design, supply and install to international standards and have extensive experience in manufacturing the Septic Tank meeting most demanding conditions. Our GRP Septic Tank gives clients the best satisfaction from world-class quality level certifications. Unlike other companies that focus on one or two types of products, UFI specializes in all kind of GRP products, always selecting the optimal and most economic solution for your specific application.


Septic Tanks & Soak Away tanks are available in capacities ranging from 200 U.S.Gallon to 20,000 U.S.Gallon. They are available in diameters ranging from 1 to 2.80m to suit the extract requirements of various locations. Septic Tanks are specially designed and manufactured for underground use to withstand the extreme corrosive soil conditions are environments. They can be installed even in extreme conditions such as areas where sub-soil water in very high. They are designed and mould to suit most of the corrosive chemicals present in the sewage and withstand high degree bacteriological action. Septic tanks are provided with digesting chambers, manholes and piping system to enable the sewage to get digested efficiently and lighter effluent passes into the soak away where it under goes utmost absorption within the soak away materials itself and the area surrounding it. Septic tanks & soak away conform to relevant municipality specifications and practices. They are manufactured designed and installed as per approval from municipalities of the gulf. Septic tanks and soak away are economical, available quickly and installed with minimum cost. They are self-pigmented, corrosion proof and stabilized offering excellent resistance to corrosive soils. They are free from maintenance. 


GRP Tank Build (Cubic Meter)


GRP Lining Covered (Square Mater)


GRP Ladder Manufactured (Meters)


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